Life path wood: fig

Life path number: 8

Life path colour: red



My expertise
For 15 years I have been successfully directing a company specialising in interior architecture. Therefore woodworking and a great love for exclusive design have become part and parcel of my life. And as I am always seeking to develop something new, the flow9- pillar of life seems to be the logical result and synthesis of it all. 
My vision 
It is my endeavour and guiding principle to create something personal and unique for the people, make them see their own uniqueness and help them experience their individual state of flow – all of which can be experienced with my flow9-pillar of life.  
My philosophy 
Life can be much more. 
  • I believe in the individuality of life. 
  • In  freedom of choice. 
  • In the importance of give and take in perfect equilibrium  
flow9 combines all of these beliefs.
By my side



Ursula Bencsics




Life path wood: cedar

Life path number: 5

Life path colour: violet



My partners


Flow9 is an Austrian quality product. All parts are exclusively made in Austria and are subject to strict environmental and ethical guidelines. 


  • Geschützte Wekstätte - St. Pölten
  • Tischlerei Zisser - Hartberg
  • Verpackungssysteme VSL - Biedermannsdorf
  • Drechslerei Klaritsch - Graz
  • Druckerei Wograndl - Mattersburg
  • Kartonagenerzeugung Wiesmeier - Wien



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